Tranquility Massage

Combining therapeutic massage practices from around the world. This customized massage aids in relaxing the stress and knots of modern life, re-energizes the body and imparts a feeling of complete well-being and vitality. This nurturing session reconnects the mind and body by balancing a healthy energy. By using a combination of flowing Swedish strokes and relaxing energy holds, one goes to a place of serenity and healing.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage

A form of Chinese medicine dating back 4,000 years, the entire body is accessed through the soles of the feet, bringing relaxation and therapeutic benefits.  Reflexology can be done as a singular treatment, or as an add-on to other services.  If you have been injured or are lacking energy, reflexology can help restore healing balance to your body.  Reflexology works on the principles of acupuncture, only acupressure is used to address the body’s 12 pairs of energy zones.  Begin this treatment with a soothing foot soak to prepare and calm your senses.


Bach Flower Essence Treatment

Bach Flower Essences are exquisitely refined herbal infusions acting as nature’s liquid messengers of inner health and harmony.  They are highly effective preparations that address the core of emotional wellness.  Bringing balance to these emotional areas is a major factor in reclaiming a sound mind/body health and reduction of stress.  After filling out a questionnaire to target specific areas of stress and imbalance, a custom bottle will be prepared especially for you.

My Commitment to You

Massage RLX uses only the purest, most natural massage lotions and oils.  Included in every massage are warm, steaming towels and the highest quality essential oils.  Let Pamela take you on an “Aroma Journey” to choose the best fragrance for your treatment.  Also included with every service are hot stones if you should so desire.  Available on request.

What our clients say

Pam is awesome!  I live in LA and have to go to San Diego for business often.  Every time I’m passing through town, I book some time with her.   Pam has amazing techniques and truly knows how to remove the stress from my body.  She is knowledgeable, professional and has a healing touch.  I always leave feeling better; mind, body and soul.
I have massages on a regular basis and Pam is one of the best.  She’s very in tune with individual needs.  Sometimes I need a strong therapeutic massage, sometimes I just want to relax.  Pam seems to intuitively know and adjust accordingly.
Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today!
Susan F.
Pam’s presence alone is a welcome retreat to my hectic job life as of late,  I feel like I can take a deep breathe and let go when I arrive to her practice.  Her technique is strong and  intentional, yet fluid and relaxing, a perfect combination.  She uses essential oils and hot towels which basically leave me feeling like I’ve had an entire Spa Day in just an hour!
Ricky F.
San Diego, CA

Art by Pamela Penner

For 15 years, Pamela has been creating vibrant and bold paintings in the medium of oil on canvas.  Her clean, distinct and contemporary style, has won many awards in local art competitions.  Recently, she has been painting pet portraits and enjoying the pleasure it brings to the pet owners!  Contact Pamela to discuss a new commission, or the purchase of an existing painting.

Steps of Santorini
Once Upon a Pond
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