pamelaAbout Pam,

Pamela Penner, owner of Massage RLX, is a graduate of Mueller College’s Holistic Health Practitioner program.  With more than 1,000 hours of study, she is knowledgeable and efficient in many Western, as well as Eastern modalities.  To create a healing and nurturing experience for each individual, Pamela feels communication and listening to a client’s needs are key to achieve the desired result.  This is where Pamela’s intuition comes in, and she is able to generate a custom treatment for each person.

Another big part of Massage RLX is to address the total person for optimum health.  Pamela is knowledgable in homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower Essences, and essential oils to balance the body, mind and spirit as one.

At Massage RLX, Pamela creates a welcoming, comforting and safe environment, where one can let go and truly relax.

Pamela feels this is where true healing begins.

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